In 1990 we created the first Sumo Suits in the Country !
Big time Productions started in           1986 with our first toy  ! Rocky Boxers
We performed hundreds of  shows all over California
Electronic Post Office came along  a few years later
Electronic Post Office ran for 10 years  in clubs all over Southern California
THe 1990’s was good to us. Our next big hit was the VELCRO WALL
In The Mid 1990’s I decided to design costumes for a few years !
We also added some Theme parties !
Sumo was a national Success and we did shows all over the west coast
WE WERE ALWAYS ADDING NEW TOYS AND GAMES. Some we bought, most we made !
Fun pictures of the Park Blvd. Gallery where we built our toys !
original wall
inflatable version
We even created the worlds smallest rodeo !
Started out as a art gallery and turned into a toy factory
At Red Onion. Largest nightclub in LA.
Off the wall golf
9 holes and portable